online master class
Creative Director David Butterworth
11:00 kyiv
09:00 london
20:00 sydney
Frame Buffer
to Finish Line
02 december 2021
Architectural visualizations of BINYAN STUDIOS
In this master class
David Butterworth is a prodigy. His impeccable eye, breadth of skill, and fierce drive to make every image memorable has the world's leading architects and developers lining up to work with him. From his days as an artist in Australia to his role leading the New York studio's high profile US projects, everything he touches at BINYAN is better due to his commitment and vigor. Back in Sydney, when he isn't in the office elevating visual ideas or blowing the minds of clients and peers, he's most likely spending time with his wife, Nina, keeping active around the city or watering his lemon tree.
Creative Director of BINYAN STUDIOS
We will look
at both tools, adjustments, plugins and general fundamentals used in David's workflow.
go through
a complete start-to-finish photoshop workflow
we begin
with the frame buffer export from max
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